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Morris & Essex Kennel Club Officers


President   Wayne Ferguson


Vice President   Milan D. Lint


Treasurer   Cynthia Sansone


Secretary   Connie Butherus


Secretary to the Show Committee  Karen J. Burgess






Show Chairman  Wayne Ferguson


Assistant Show Chairman   Milan D. Lint


Specialties and Supported Entries  Lorraine Bisso


Chief Stewards  Gerri Dalakian and Terry De Pietro


Historian  Bill Gorodner


Membership  Gene Zaphiris


PR and Marketing  Denise Flaim


Trophy Sales   Norma Smith


Trophy Set-Up  Ray Scott


Grounds  Michael Scott, David Helming and David Kenyon


Website and Newsletter  Denise Flaim




Board of Directors


Lorraine Bisso


Gayle Bontecou


Carol E. Brown


Connie Butherus


Candy Caciolo


Dorothy N. Collier


Ralph Del Deo


Wayne E. Ferguson


Denise Flaim


Evalyn R. Gregory


David Helming


David Kenyon


Glen Lajeski


Milan D. Lint


Ronald Menaker


Nancy Shaw


Patricia H. Shaw


Ruth Pereira


Cynthia Sansone


Michael Scott


Ron L. Scott


Robin Stansell


Tori Steele


Elizabeth Sweigart


Tina Truesdale


Eugene Zaphiris




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